May 05, 2016

Phone line down 5/5/16! PLEASE EMAIL!

Today, Thursday 5/5/16, our phone and Internet is down. We are unable to take reservations via telephone. Please email us at --> <-- We will be checking our email frequently throughout the day and will respond as soon as we can. We truly apologize for the inconvenience! Mothers Day is almost completely booked! Only a few tables left. Please email as soon as possible to reserve your spot!
April 18, 2016


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December 01, 2015

New Location!

To our customers, friends & neighbors,

Happy Holidays! Wow, the past two months were a whirlwind!  We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we open The Tipping Teapot by Satori Tea Co.  Still a work in progress, the new space is truly coming into its own.  We are thrilled with the new look and the new menu!

The Tipping Teapot by Satori Tea Co. is our new tea salon located in The Village of Saratoga.  Here, we serve traditional English Afternoon tea with an assortment of fresh-baked scones, crumpets, dainty desserts and petit tea sandwiches, enough to satisfy a luncheon appetite.  Our expertly curated selection of direct trade, full leaf teas and proprietary small batch tea blends are available in store and online for purchase. We are also excited to have a separate large room to host private events!

Our gorgeous private room is perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, holiday parties, and other special occasions!  We designed brand new themed party packages, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Wonderland, and Marie Antoinette for the ultimate celebration.  Bookings require 15 guests minimum per private event. Inquiries and reservation requests must be made through our event coordinator:

Well, it’s time to get holly jolly! This year, we will be holding our annual Christmas Tea from December 19th – 31st.  The decadent, three-course tea service includes seasonal soup or salad, tea sandwiches, homemade heritage cream scones, crumpets, desserts and, of course, sticky toffee pudding!  Seatings will be held at 11:30am, 1:45pm, and 4:00pm.  Please call for reservations.

It’s beginning to steep a lot like Christmas! During December, we will have many beautiful gifts for everyone on your Christmas list.  Our assorted Gourmet Tea Gift Baskets contain full leaf teas and a collection of specialty tea wares.  The Satori Tea Co. Sampler Set is a fragrant assortment of teas, perfect for the tea lover in your life (custom orders available via phone or email)!  All of our artisan, full leaf teas are packaged in our signature Satori Tea Co. canisters for optimal storage.  What’s better than giving a cup of cheer to the one’s you love?

Thank you all for your continued support through our transition into our new space.  Everyone has been so thoughtful and encouraging and we are so grateful of each and everyone of you.  May your cup always be full as our’s has been the past five years.  Much gratitude to all.


Victoria Boyert & STC Dream Team


Upcoming Events @ The Tipping Teapot

December 19-31st – Christmas Tea

January – Sherlock Tea Service (available all month)

February – Valentine’s Day Tea Service (February 12-14)

March – Wonderland Tea Service (available all month)

April through June – Game of Scones

November 12, 2013

Letter from Changing Lives Nepal founder, Nancy Porten

We had such an enlightening talk with Parshu a few months ago about his work in Nepal. Below was an email I received from the founder of Changing Lives Nepal:


"Parshu completed his US exposure visit last week! He was happy to be going home to Nepal to rejoin his family. He expressed to me that it will take him a while to process all of the wonderful experiences he had while in the US and wanted me to thank all of you for his opportunity to speak your group at Satori Tea.  I have attached photos taken from our visit that I thought you might enjoy. I will send some additional emails containing photos due to the size and number of photos.


Over Parshu's month visit he saw not only the growing dome but also visited urban rooftop gardens, organic farms, organic almond orchards and beekeeping operations. He traveled through central and northern California, spoke at the University of San Francisco, UC Davis, Sierra Nevada College, and Parasol Foundation to share his work. Out of this experience has already come new project ideas, new relationships for technical support, and a heightened world view that we’re confident will strengthen Parshu’s ability to develop programs, find outside funding, and build his vision of economic development through organic cash crops in Nepal.


This year Parshu and Changing Lives Nepal launched an organic almond program in Western Nepal, with over 300 saplings planted. Some were planted on our demonstration plot and some were planted by local farmers to get started on their own orchards. Requiring less maintenance than tea and starting to produce almonds in only 3 years, we’re anxious to see how well the saplings produce in the coming years. Almonds are a high value cash crop that can double, triple, quadruple farmer’s income—in one of the poorest districts in Nepal. We’ll be sure to tell you more about almonds as the project continues!


Warm wishes to you all and thanks for supporting Parshu's adventures!!

-Nancy Porten

August 30, 2013





Contact: Victoria Boyert

Tel: 408-292-1502



SAN JOSE, CA - Satori Tea Company and the Changing Lives Nepal Fund will welcome Nepalese organic tea visionary Parshu Dahal to the United States on September 7, 2013 at 11am for a "tea party" at Satori Tea Company.  


Parshu is the Executive Director of the Society Development Center (SODEC), a grassroots non-profit in Nepal focused on reducing poverty through sustainable organic agriculture and other programs.  Parshu will share the story of farmers in these remote communities of the Himalayan foothills, discuss the impact of organic cash crops, and describe ongoing projects and future plans. Organic tea, grown in Nepal, will be served along with light tea treats.


In 2001, Parshu Dahal helped start the Society Development Center (SODEC).  Parshu wanted to address poverty in his village region by focusing on organic growing and processing of tea for the export market. Realizing that tea could grow on otherwise useless land, he organized villagers and trained them on the planting, care, and harvest of tea. Parshu has inspired field staff to work on a volunteer basis when necessary, has gained the trust of risk-averse farmers, and has successfully tapped local, governmental, and non-profit resources–including writing a major grant to build the factory. In 2012, the processing unit, collectively owned by 155 farmer families, went into operation. This is the first large cooperative tea factory of its kind in Nepal. Now, Parshu is leading a 5-year project of planting organic almonds in rural Nepal and helping farmers in a new area start an income-generating industry for their future.


Parshu will be visiting the United States in September to observe and learn more about organic farming, sustainable food models, rooftop gardening, high-altitude gardening, and multi-cropping, in order to utilize new techniques in SODEC’s current and future projects in Nepal. He will be speaking at the University of San Francisco and UC Davis. Parshu will be also be visiting tea outlets and meeting with tea specialists to better understand marketing, quality, wholesale, retail, and packaging as the Nepal tea factory begins to produce for the export market.


Satori Tea Company is an award winning purveyor of artisanal loose leaf teas and handcrafted blends with a tea atelier in San Jose. Satori is proud to help Parshu and the Changing Lives Nepal Fund achieve their philanthropic goals in Nepal. They are all thrilled to be able to share this experience with their community.


To learn more about Satori Tea Company or Changing Lives Nepal Fund supports please visit:


August 27, 2013

Meet and greet with Parshu Dahal!

We are thrilled to announce that Parshu Dahal, Executive Director of SODEC, a non-profit in Nepal, will be visiting the US  and Satori Tea Co. in September! SODEC supports small-scale sustainable organic agriculture in Nepal. Parshu and SODEC implemented an organic tea program that started a cash crop industry in the remote Himalayas, culminating in nearly 1 million tea bushes planted, a factory that is jointly owned by 155 farmer families, and more than doubling some families' income. They are now starting a 5-year program with organic almonds to once again create an income-generating cash crop industry so that people in poverty have a way of earning income.
As part of the new project, Parshu will be in the US on an exposure visit during September to see small organic farms, learn about tea markets, and fundraise for his new Almond Farming program. Parshu will be at Satori Tea Company on Saturday, September 7th at 11am.
Satori Tea Co. proudly carries small batches of tea produced from these farmers in Nepal and continues to support Changing Lives Nepal, a donor fund that offers grants to several types of projects in Nepal: a children's home, support of rural schools and organic farming cooperatives.
Find out more about Changing Lives Nepal here.
August 14, 2013

New Website!

Thank you all so much for visiting our new website! We appreciate your patience as we continue to edit and revise. We are very excited to be able to offer our full tea collection online, as well as provide easy access to our menu, important dates, and other information. Please keep checking in to see our progress!  In the meantime, feel free to email us with questions or concerns.  We apologize in advance for any kinks we have yet to work out.