Meet and greet with Parshu Dahal!

We are thrilled to announce that Parshu Dahal, Executive Director of SODEC, a non-profit in Nepal, will be visiting the US  and Satori Tea Co. in September! SODEC supports small-scale sustainable organic agriculture in Nepal. Parshu and SODEC implemented an organic tea program that started a cash crop industry in the remote Himalayas, culminating in nearly 1 million tea bushes planted, a factory that is jointly owned by 155 farmer families, and more than doubling some families' income. They are now starting a 5-year program with organic almonds to once again create an income-generating cash crop industry so that people in poverty have a way of earning income.
As part of the new project, Parshu will be in the US on an exposure visit during September to see small organic farms, learn about tea markets, and fundraise for his new Almond Farming program. Parshu will be at Satori Tea Company on Saturday, September 7th at 11am.
Satori Tea Co. proudly carries small batches of tea produced from these farmers in Nepal and continues to support Changing Lives Nepal, a donor fund that offers grants to several types of projects in Nepal: a children's home, support of rural schools and organic farming cooperatives.
Find out more about Changing Lives Nepal here.