At Satori Tea Co., we celebrate the exquisite craftsmanship, distinctive flavors, and healing forces of tea and herbs. We believe the true beauty of tea lies in its ability to nourish and elevate the mind and body. “Satori” is a Japanese term used in Zen Buddhism to describe a flash of insight - a moment of total presence and awakening of one’s true essence. It’s this sense of discovery in the ordinary ritual of drinking tea that inspired the creation of Satori Tea Co.

Our expertly curated collection of single-origin and small-batch blended teas originate from the finest estates around the world. To ensure peak freshness and nutrition, we source all our ingredients from trusted suppliers and organic farms that use healthy and sustainable agricultural practices. Our selections are the result of lengthy tastings and a steadfast believe in the therapeutic value of fine-quality tea and botanicals.

Founded by Victoria Boyert, Satori Tea Co. is the manifestation of a lifelong romance with tea.  With the help and support of her mother, Tamara Malave, the duo revealed their first line of whole leaf teas at local farmer’s markets until eventually opening their first shop in 2010.

A Word From Our Founder:

My passionate appreciation for tea began as a little girl. It was love at first sip. At the tender age of 7, my formal training in tea began. Satori Tea Co. is the product of my lifelong experiences with tea and my personal commitment to health. I believe tea is as much about pleasure as healing. My hope is for our tea drinkers to be able to derive their own personal sanctuaries as they savor a cup or our tea. As our tea range has grown, I am guided by our purpose to honor our health and celebrate the pleasures of quality tea.