Magnolia Blossom (Yu Lan Xiang)

Grown at the highest elevations of the Phoenix Mountains in the Feng Huang area of Guangdong Province, Magnolia Blossom is a remarkable example of a Dan Cong oolong. Once harvested, these leaves are withered then artistically shaped by the tea master. The leaves are wood charcoal fired in wicker baskets to create a distinctive, red-green leaf with a fruity and roasted aroma. This small, terraced tea farm harvests from tea trees that are hundreds of years old. Magnolia Blossom is supremely nuanced with a rich, honey-like body.

Origin: Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong, China.

Brewing: 4 teaspoons per 16 ounces boiling water. Use boiling water to first rinse the tea leaves, then brew for 2 minutes. On the second infusion, also steep for 2 minutes, adding approximately 10 seconds to subsequent infusions. Brewed this way, the tea should yield more than 10 rounds.

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